Living Pokédex Tracker 3.0 adds support for all recent games

, by @javikolog

Living Pokédex Tracker - v3.0 Update


New Features

  • Adds support for all recently released games of the latest years: Legends Arceus, Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl, Sword & Shield (with Expansion), Let's Go Pikachu & Eevee, and also Pokémon GO. You will see a game selection page whenever you try to create a new dex.
  • You are now able to create one Living Dex per game set. For example, you have to choose between Sword or Shield, but you cannot create a separate dex for each one.
  • Adds different organization presets for your boxes. You will be able to select one on the dex creation page and also switch between them for existing ones. This feature has been requested a lot and yes, for HOME you are now able to view the old organization modes.
  • Shinies can now be tracked together with normal Pokémon. In every dex, you will see a switch button on the top, to switch between "Shiny Mode" and "Normal Mode". Because of this change, the Shiny Marker is no longer needed. Don't worry, all your Pokémon will be organized automatically in the proper boxes.
  • Dexes can now be deleted, by clicking on the button at the bottom of it. If you still want to keep 2 dexes for HOME, you can keep them.
  • Added a read-only mode of the full HOME Living Dex, especially for guests that are not logged in or that don't need dex tracking support but just a visual guide.


  • Shiny and Non-Shiny Pokémon are now counted separately
  • Unobtainable Shiny Pokémon cannot be marked as caught and will be shown in red
  • Improved UI for the dexes dashboard page and the dex page banner
  • Box titles are now predefined and cannot be edited


  • With the addition of the "Shiny Mode", there is no more need for the "Shiny Marker" tool.

Known Issues

  • Vivillon base form is now the Icy Snow pattern, like in the HOME app. In the previous tracker version, it was shown as Vivillon Meadow, which was incorrect. You might need to check your Vivillon boxes again to see if they are marked correctly.

  • When changing box presets, the number of total Pokémon changes. That's completely fine and expected (since some presets have duplicates and others don't), but you might lose the information of your duplicated ones if the preset you chose doesn't have them.

    • For example, in the Grouped by Species preset for HOME, you have some duplicates of Pokémon like Rockruff that will disappear if you select the Fully Sorted preset (which doesn't include duplicates).
    • This is not an issue, this is the expected behavior and no duplicated Pokémon will be lost unless you press Save.

If you find something more, please let us know via Twitter or Discord, especially missing Pokémon or Pokémon that shouldn't be there.

Future Updates

  • Depending on the demand, we may add a marker for Shadow Pokémon in GO.
  • Export/Import your dexes data in JSON format

...and more surprises that we hope you will enjoy.