Our Pokédex Tracker now supports all games!

, by @javikolog

We've listened to your feedback and now our Pokédex Tracker supports all games from gen 1 to 8, with gen 9 & Scarlet and Violet support coming in November.

With this update, you will be able to track your Pokédexes whenever you are not playing the games.

With the box visualisation mode, you will also have an approximate visual guide on how could you organise your boxes, in case you are thinking of having a Living Dex*.

* Note that not all games have enough boxes to store a full Living Dex with all forms and all the shinies at the same time.

For our next update we will be focusing on usability and in giving you more options to turn on/off tracking for certain sets of Pokémon (forms, shinies, etc.), instead of giving you pre-made lists.