Pokémon Scarlet & Violet's symbol in Japanese logo could hint a new game mechanic

, by @javikolog

The games were announced just some days ago and we are still decoding all the content in order to find hints and references that could tell us more information.

There is though something that might not have been spotted easily and it's the star-shaped symbol that we can find in the Japanese logo.

If you all remember, in previous Japanese logos like the ones from X & Y and Sun & Moon, they used the Mega Evolution and Z-Crystal symbols respectively:

So if we take into consideration these past references, this new symbol could be a hint of a new mechanic that will be introduced in the new titles. If so, what could it be? What would you like to see?

It's true that in Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon used Necrozma's prism and in Sword & Shield they used the gym's logo, so it's not clear yet if this could mean anything related to game mechanics or not.

While this doesn't confirm the re-inclusion of Mega Evolution, some fans say that it looks similar to the Ultimate Weapon of Kalos:

Post in the comments below what do you think.

I'm looking forward to knowing more about this, as well as getting to know the new region name, which as you all might already know is presumably based in the Iberian countries: Spain (my home country) and Portugal. Mr. Masuda and Mr. Ohomori visited both countries in 2017.

I am preparing an article about how Spanish culture and myths could be used in these new games.

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Interesting year trainers!

Update: Khu, the riddler has hinted that the new mechanic could involve Pokémon receiving a third type. Could the jewel of the logo be involved?