Pokémon Scarlet and Violet 2nd Trailer In-Depth Analysis

, by @javikolog

The new region in Scarlet and Violet

We don't know the new region name yet but seems very open and cool, and due to the revealed Pokémon, we are 99% sure now that it is based in Spain.

We've also seen multiple vast locations with roaming Pokémon, that showcased improved graphics compared to Sword and Shield.

You can see how much the development of Legends: Arceus has helped in creating these new titles. Everything looks less empty, more polished, more alive.

New Pokémon and Forms

Pawmi. Mouse Pokémon. Type: Electric

In addition to the electric bag on the cheek, they have a discharge organ in the palms of their hands. After stroking their cheeks to generate electricity, they can touch others with both hands to get an electric shock.

The fluffy hair that covers the whole body is not only resistant to the cold, but also has the role of storing electricity. When they feel anxious, they stroke their cheeks with their paws and start preparing for discharge everyone.

Pawmi seems to be the electric rodent of this region, or the first-route rodent. It could be both. The name comes from Paw + Mi (mice?)

Lechonk. Hog Pokémon. Type: Normal.

Taking advantage of their proud nose, they always find and eat only fragrant wildflowers and mellow wildflowers. As a result, it gives off an herbal scent that insect Pokemon dislikes.

Coward and timid, but powerful. If they are surprised by being attacked by an enemy, they will panic and rush. At first glance, they seem to be fat, but since they are always walking around looking for food, most of their fat is actually strong muscles.

Lechonk, is probably inspired by the Spanish black pigs. In Spain, we also call "lechón" or "lechona" a roasted small pig. The name might be a combination of Lechon + Oink.

Smoliv. Olive Pokémon. Type: Grass/Normal

The oil from the fruit of their head has a strong bitterness and astringency and is not suitable for food. If they are surprised or attacked, this oil will be sprayed to slow down the movement of the enemy and escape at that moment.

By turning the nutrients made by photosynthesis into oil and storing them in their head, they can spend a week without drinking or eating. They like a dry climate with strong sunlight and seem to often hang out during the day.

Smoliv = Small Olive (I am smol ^^). Probably inspired by the typical Spanish filled olives called "aceitunas".

Koraidon. Scarlet Legendary Pokémon. Type: Dragon/Fighting??

Miraidon. Scarlet Legendary Pokémon. Type: Dragon/Electric??

Koraidon (コライドン - Koraidon) and Miraidon (ミライドン - Milidon), are the main Legendary Pokémon of Pokémon Scarlet and Violet. They are said to have powers that far surpass those of other Pokémon, but details about them are still shrouded in mystery

I think we are in front of some of the coolest legendary designs of all time. If you pay attention to the trailer, you can see that Miraidon has some kind of motor-powered legs. They also seem to have handles that you can grab to... ride them?

That would be very cool. It would be absurd to have such a vast world to explore without Pokémon montures like in Legends Arceus.

About their name, the use -don which is usually used for dragons, but their prefix comes from the Japanese for Ancient/Past and Future:

Kodai = Ancient in Japanese (古代)

Mirai = Future in Japanese (未来)

Mirai is also very curious, because "Mirall" means "Mirror" in Catalan and it is pronounced like "Mirai".

Regional Tauros

In the trailer, there is a boy with a bull in a T-Shirt, which could be the regional form of Tauros

Gyms and the new Gimmick

Gym battles seem to happen now in open-air areas. We can see here an abandoned flight-control-like tower, and a bullfighting ring (probable where we will meet the rumored regional Tauros).

The new gimmick seems also featured there, because we see again the rainbow-pattern Pokéball in the center, like in the first trailer that it was in a big square.

The Professors

For the first time, depending on which game you play you will have different professors: Sada in Scarlet and Tudo in Violet.

They both seem to research their respective legendaries and they have very different looks: one is more tribal while the other is more futuristic.

Co-op Multiplayer Mode

For the first time after Let's Go! Pikachu and Eevee, you can play your adventure together with other people (up to 4).

It's not yet clear how, but we assume that it will be a local-only feature where you can play with other controllers. We don't know yet if each player will be an individual trainer or if they will share the Pokémon party like in Let's Go.

The trailer also featured an open-air trade, with the Pokémon being traded in the air and not via the traditional virtual system. This could mean that you can trade with co-ops and/or passers-by.

Release Date

The games as we expected, will be released on November 18th, 2022.

Possible Hints

  1. Drivable Legendaries: As mentioned, they seem to possess handles so you can grab them when you ride them. Miraidon does also resemble a drone or a motorbike.
  2. Mirror Universes: Mirai (Mirall) means "Mirror" in Catalan Spanish. We also saw a Pokéball appearing from a glassy mirror (broken?) at the end of the trailer. It could be that every game happen in the mirror universe of the other.
  3. Past/Future main theme: After the legendary and professor designs, the lore of the games could be all around Tradition vs Innovation or Past vs Future.

About the new Gimmick, nothing new was shown except the gym-like areas.

We'll have to wait a little more.