About This Site

Supereffective is a Pokémon fan website born in 2022. It offers an online Pokédex Tracker and Box Organizer tool, with many upcoming social features such as trainer profiles and trainer cards. The website also provides essential information about each Pokémon, in a streamlined mobile-friendly experience.

To stay in touch with the latest news, with us and with other trainers, we are in these social media channels:

If you want to know more about our Roadmap and Latest Changes, or just request a feature or report an issue, please visit our Project Board on Canny.

About the creator

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Hello trainer, I'm Javier, a Senior Full-Stack Software Engineer from Spain & based in Berlin, who among other many things, loves Pokémon and Nintendo games.

I've been playing Pokémon since Red and Blue and after all these years I am still as passionate about it as always, especially before the release of a new generation when everyone is so hyped.

I created this website because I'd loved the idea to build a great community of Pokémon fans, and build tools that will make our lives easier as Pokémon trainers, either if you play solo or competitively.

The Living Dex tracker is just the start of all I want to do. By creating this site, I also learned a lot about modern frontend development, which makes my journey as an engineer even greater.

How to support

If you want to support me and this website or some of other my projects, articles, or existing assets, you can do so via Paypal or with a coffee in Buy Me a Coffee.

If you subscribe via our Patreon, you will unlock extra space and benefits in the website. This is the preferred way, since it is automated.

The amount is not important, but I always appreciate that the community cares about what I do, and it helps me staying motivated.

You can also support in other ways:

  • As a developer: If you are a front-end developer with great experience in NextJS and React, please contact me!
  • As a designer: I welcome new ideas for banners, graphics, web UI/UX designs, ... everything helps
  • Following us on social media and sharing the website with others (links, retweets, in videos, etc).
  • Reporting issues on our Project Board or our Discord server, providing valuable feedback (which is not only about asking when will a feature be available).
  • Any other way that is mentioned in the footer of the website.
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Thank you ❤️ . Without the community support this project wouldn't be possible.