Terms of Service

  1. This site provides free apps, services, and tools that will still be free as long as the server maintenance costs are low. Because of that, it is important a fair usage (to not abuse) of the services provided on this website.

  2. To be able to keep you providing a free service, we need to have some limitations in the way to use them:

    1. Living Dex Tracker: During an indeterminate period of time, the number of dexes you can create is limited to 1 per dual set of games (e.g. 1 per Sword or Shield).
  3. The site admins reserve the right to delete any user account or data, whenever there is a suspicion of the services being abused intentionally (via scripts, third-party tools, exploits of existing bugs, etc.)

  4. Treat everyone with respect. Absolutely no harassment, witch hunting, sexism, racism, or hate speech will be tolerated in any part of our website (which includes comments and user-generated content). If you see something against the rules or something that makes you feel unsafe, let us know. We want this community to be a welcoming space!

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  7. Piracy will not be tolerated. Do not share warez or discuss your devious plans for piracy. This includes topics like emulators, console piracy software, game ROMs, or manually-fabricated Pokémon (via save editing apps or trade servers). If you are requesting help with pirated software, your comment will be deleted.

  8. The service is provided as-is. We don't take any responsibility in case of data loss due to a client or server malfunction, but we will always try to recover everything in case of disaster. Try to periodically backup your data whenever possible.

  9. Any activity, recurrent in time or not (depending on the severity), that is considered unfair or harmful to this website, to its community, or to other people, will be most probably translated into the termination of your account and/or deletion of your data, without any previous warning if the moderators consider so.

Let's make this community a nice, optimal, and welcoming one.