Best Pokémon UNITE Emblem Builds

, by @javikolog

Emblems are the new collectibles introduced in the first year anniversary update of Pokémon UNITE.

With the emblems, you can power up your Pokémon even further, by increasing their stats and/or having other benefits like Cooldown reduction, Critical Rate increase, Hindrance effect duration reduction, and Basic Attack speed increase.

The downside of emblems is that while it power-ups specific characteristics, other stats may also get reduced.

Emblems have been around us for a couple of weeks now and we can finally understand how to use them more efficiently and which builds are the best for specific roles of Pokémon.

Tanky Defenders and Supporters

Recommended Held Items: Score Shield, Aeos Cookie

With Defender and Support roles you may think that it would be best to increase their defenses, but that 8% stat increase doesn't make much a difference compared to gaining +500 HP like in the following builds for Physical and Special Attack attackers:

Spammy Special Attackers

Recommended held items: Shell Bell, Energy Amplifier (optional)

It seems that emblems that reduce the cooldown time are a better fit (right now) for special attackers, because there are a lot of Green+Black emblems, while there aren't any Brown+Black ones. This means that is only possible to have Green+Black colors maxed out together.

When you get both Green and Black colors maxed out, you are getting a -8% Cooldown time reduction, plus a +4% Sp. Attack increase.

That's perfect for any Special Attacker, including Defenders and Supporters like Blissey.

You can also create a Cooldown build for Physical Attackers but it comes with some caveats as it only leaves 3 slots for other emblems, and also running a Shell Bell on a Machamp doesn't sound so optimal.

Full Crit Physical Attackers

Recommended Held Items: Scope Lens (almost mandatory), Razor Claw (optional)

While cooldown builds don't seem to be so cool with physical attackers right now, a full-crit build is where they shine.

Here, you can end up with a +18.1% crit rate when combined with the 2 recommended items. Scope Lens is mandatory because it also increases Crit-hit damage by 12%, which is massive considering the chances.

When it comes to which emblems to use, the best ones are obviously Sandslash. Sandslash emblems reduce Sp. Attack, which is something we don't care about.

Of course, you can also try to run Crit builds on Special Attackers, but the stats reduction is not worth it unless you compensate it by wearing a Focus Band, which increases defenses by 30.


Emblems are a curious addition to the game. You might not notice the difference, but against most advanced players it can make a big difference in a match. With the power of the emblems, HP bars seem to go down faster and the game, in general, feels more dynamic.

As you can see, there are many possible emblem combinations. Here we are just covering the most important ones using the target/optimal emblems that you need, but of course, there might be others that can work better for you (also depending on the emblems you currently have).

Let's see what changes in upcoming game updates. Hopefully, there will be more options.

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