New Living Pokédex Tracker updated for Pokémon HOME 2.0

, by @javikolog

Hey trainers, we are excited and happy to announce that the new version of the website (v2.0.0-beta) is now available for everyone.

This release includes the so-much requested tracking feature for the Living Pokédex Tracker app. You will now be able to track and save your progress, and share it with others! To know more about it, visit the Living Pokédex Tracker homepage.

You will also notice a new "Login" section in the website menu. You will need to register with one of our providers in order to be able to use our applications from now on.

These are all the major changes, but we plan much more for the future, and the possibilities are endless!

Let's keep in touch and we hope you enjoy the new features and give us feedback.

Until the next time!

- Javi